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Coal Spine

Home and Fashion Sustainable Solutions

  • Finally, a long overdue post , with a appropriate content on Decision Fatigue and how to tame it . Follow the link in bio . One of many other things coming up is a vintage store and styling inspiration account following sustainable philosophy. Off course, you don't need to buy or follow, you can just lay back and enjoy endless possibilities slow fashion can offer. Account is @pieces_of_distraction .Enjoy till the next post ! #decisions #solutions #vintagelove
  • I haven't forgotten about y'all! I've been working full steam ahead on new content, gadgets to help you stay organized, new downloadable material  and some other tricks and treats. But since i am just a human , one woman band, things do get a bit messy . But i haven't waisted any minute of my day and that's what matters: I've drawn, danced, walked in the sun , cocked, wrote and stared in to the celling  feeling braindead- actually I'm still there... Tomorrow ,allow yourself to start from zero, no hard feelings for anything that haven't worked out today. Chips on your shoulder!  Now it's time to have a lovely good grey cells say bye ✨#interiordesign #styling #makeithappen
  • And while you are waiting for the site to be up and running again- and I'm gonna let you know why i am retouching the texts in next first post- until then you should experiment with color range of your wardrobe , some crazy combo colors go well together and you wouldn't dear to do that , but a trick like that would give you a new isn't that great?! No shopping needed, maaaaaybe just accessory or two. Be bold , tear magazines , take photos of color combos. PLAY ! This and many more graphs will be downloadable on the site ! Cute ! Enjoy the midweek! #remakeourworld #fashionforward #fashionwithintegrity #humansoffashion
  • Update : site is going trough a touch up, it will be back before you say "kombucha" - the graphics 1+2 represent how to organize the garments you own, not that you need someone telling you  how to live your life.Sometimes going via another route you can "reinvent" you wardrobe without getting anything new. Just a different point of view baby, that's all . Soon all the graphs will be available for a download on the site! Stay amazing and tuned - see you during weekend. #remakeourworld #fashionforward #style #fashionwithintegrity
  • Fly light - if you are heading to a tropical island because  you need to warm up your bones from the never-ending winter blues, bring just bare necessities: SPF 50, notebook, beachwear, active coal pills ( for those unnecessities ) one pair of warm garments - leave all the worries behind , switch off the brain - #LinkInBio ✈️ #travel #light
  • Start the Spring Equinox the right way- trade for progress- link in bio #progress #notperfection #springequinox

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