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Did you know that "ugly annoyances" we find on our skin are indicators that our skin is going through a natural balancing process? It means everything is going according to plan. And every time we decide to "fix" it on the surface and use harsh products to "wash away", "cleanse", "lighten-up uneven skin tone " ,”smooth the surface” etc. we create yet another setback that pushes our skin's microbiome unnecessarily off the balance. Or we wash away our natural moisturiser called Sebum that we so religiously hate and want to get rid of because we are taught to do so. We were never taught to believe that our skin is doing exactly what is supposed to, so we push it to exhaustion with over-cleansing and other artificials, and it eventually gives up. So now it appears we can "finally" start with "repairing".Which i associate with consumerism and "shelfie“ culture. I tho do wonder why we were never taught preserving the natural process that our skin goes through instead, before rushing to repair it. While preserving might as well mean simply not washing as much (overwashing) and it's a most loving approach to our largest organ on the body it also means sizing down an exhausting number of products you put on your skin. When we start using artificial (chemical) products we change the natural make up of our skin's process to balance and heal it self, it inevitably starts depending on the arsenal of lab-made ingredients. Luckily skin never loses the ability to create its ingredients because of being in constant homeostasis cycle that we should trust and let it do its job.

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