Coal Spine is a company created by Mara Chevalier operating on a small scale and aims to create high-quality handmade cosmetics and objects.
We develop each of our products with love and the utmost attention.
All our production is designed from A to Z by us in our small workshop.
Our products are small series, using long artisanal manufacturing processes.
Note on our cosmetics:
We formulate our products with, in mind, their adequacy with the natural needs of the skin. Each of our formulas is a careful balance of the best blends of plants, and their respective and combined benefits.
All of our ingredients are carefully selected responsibly and are of the highest quality. Our sources come from farms in Europe and beyond, all certified organic as are our oils and clays. The chemicals used for our soaps are all certified by the laboratories that supply them to us.
Our botanical oils and soaps contain essential oils and as a European brand, we strictly follow the standards and regulations on their concentration. Their concentration is therefore very low and diluted.
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