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Coal Spine is where life meets balance through beauty, table culture and daily rituals as complete alchemy of one’s authentic lifestyle.

CS Botanical Oils are not intended to fix, dramatically alter skin's appearance or strip the skin of its microbiome treasure. They are made with all skin colours and types in mind.

Coal Spine Alchemy

Coal Spine is a brand operating in small, sustainable and respectful numbers. With that in mind, our products are made with utmost attention, patience and playfulness that we infuse in everything we do and create.Our operations stand on foundations of ancestral ways of being in service to oneself and others. We start by asking ourselves: What do we honestly need in our lives, and how our needs and wants affect the world? Through intentional, thoughtful and forward-thinking approach we can bring the change we desire in our lives.


Alchemy of everyday life

Journal of DIY , recipes and tales from moments around the table