Breast Massage with our oils

Breast Massage with our oils


Wearing a bra can cause stagnation of lymph and reduce circulation.

A breast massage is a good way to support lymphatic drainage and reduce congestion. A good way to start is with oil, any oil would work but the best one is supporting your needs. Stand or sit and cup your breast from underneath while you massage with the other hand, working in gentle but firm strokes from the outer breast to the nipple/centre, systematically massaging the entire breast. Lift your arm up toward the ceiling and take the opposite hand to the outer chest where it connects to the arm. Massage the lymphatic area of the upper chest and inner armpit with gentle strokes. Continue under the neck and on the sides of the throat up to the base of the ear. This helps to flush toxins through the lymphatic system, reduce pain, improve range of motion as well as break up scar tissue after mastectomy, reconstruction, or open-heart surgery.

We suggest our Botanical Oil n°2 for this purpose.

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