Cacao Heaven

Cacao Heaven

200g raw dark cacao in powder (80% don't go below 70 pls ) + tbsp of Guarana 

100 g cocoa butter 

cup of coconut oil or old school 170-250g of butter depending on how moist you want it.

  • shot of espresso + tsp of espresso in powder.
  • pinch of salt is a must 
  • 170 of coconut sugar (the amount I found in the cupboard)•
  • 5 eggs 


Bagno Maria (double boiler) for cacao, Guarana and the butter and espresso powder, while that is in process whisk eggs and sugar. When cacao is melted let it cool for 5min before adding it to eggs/sugar mass. Now is the moment to add the cooled down espresso and perhaps more sugar. Dump it in the preheated oven (120-150 C) for 40 min or so. Let it cool before serving it with lemon, clementine syrup or homemade pear compote. Goes well with whiskey, espresso with a shot of pastis It's definitely not late evening dessert because of Guarana and espresso, but hey perhaps you are a night owl or stargazer. Your choice.  

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