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I will go that far to say that sleeping is more important than the Diet.

It essentially keeps your mind and body in one piece, it single handedly works on our good health and wellbeing throughout our life.

While we are in that state of between two dimensions the body works on recovering and supporting healthy brain function. Understanding this leads to you choosing to protect your mental health and overall quality of life and safety.

The place where we usually just crush after a long day of work is important as much. This place is a Sanctuary that could be calm or the Dream Kingdom that is 'flashy', it all depends on you. Setting up a space based on those desires will give clear guidance when arranging it or renovating it. Ask yourself how you feel about that room, could you do something about it to make it more in tune with the act of sleeping, more in tune with you (and your partner). Can you reflect and sink into softness while lying in silence?

Creating a set of rules is one thing (no tv, phone, computer, smoking or heavy food before bed) and I am not talking about those. But creating rituals that would flow towards the ending of that chapter of the day is something that is more in tune with unwinding. Create a before-bed ritual, switch into quiet time, connect with someone close to you, meditate or do breathwork, assess the day.

Hot baths are a great way to relax, but keeping your bedroom cool is a must, when the new air is circulating throughout the room it promotes a night of deeper sleep, so whenever possible, try to sleep with the window at least partially open. Some of the sleeping tonics can help, check the recipes on the site.

Think about tidying up the room and its energy. Don't keep things in the space from people you don't like or that don't matter to you anymore.

Good time for bed sheets changing is a New Moon phase that is within one month from each other (check the calendar for your region).

You don't have to go all wabi-sabi as the only way to have a restful sleep, envision the room of your dreams and follow it through, don't force yourself to turn your room into something that doesn't feel right to you. Don't slave to your spaces they should serve you and be in tune with YOU.