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But also, whenever you notice discolouration or change on the surface of the skin (as in inflammations in form of a rash or breakouts etc.) on these points on your face it can be connected with the function of one of your organs.

Will knowing this give you an instant fix? No. But it will give your skin a break from focusing on the surface of the issue and give you another perspective on how to approach healing from inside-out (dietary changes) or trough massage, slowly and non-invasively.
Let us start from the chin towards forehead:

Chin (and the jawline ) -Hormonal changes (as pre-period or natural and stress-related hormonal fluctuations).

Above lips - Heart.

Smile lines area - Large intestine.

Just after the smile lines on the cheeks - Lungs.

Cheeks - Stomach.

Under the eyes area - Kidneys.

Temples and between the eyebrows - Liver.

Above the eyebrows - Heart.

Just one finger above this area - Bladder.

And the middle of the forehead - Small intestine.

Reflexology stimulates energy flow within the body, directing healing energy toward specific areas of concern. Practitioners use facial reflexology to promote blood circulation, strengthen the bond between the facial skin and muscles, and release muscular tension. In addition to targeting other areas all over the body, these effects can also result in improved facial tone and tightening of the skin, if that is what interests you. Facial reflexology is a non-invasive, relaxing experience that can have both acute and whole-body results even while attending to small or specific areas.

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