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The largest organ of EVERYBODY.With its most important feature : the holy microbiome. Stripping it off with washing ingredients that don’t belong on the skin or simply too much washing affects your overall health and immune system.The importance of microbiome of the skin is the guideline followed when creating the COAL SPINE MOON SOAPS. The ingredients are those of the ancient natural cleansing rituals from around the world where clays , ashes, oils and herbs worked together to clean and nourish the skin.
The oils used in the soaps have been infused with herbs trough Solar-Infusing method, the herbs are finely grounded and part of the soap ingredients so nothing is waisted but also to help the “perfume” of the finally product. Clays are ultra ventilated and non irradiated.Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, and other micro-particles to the surface of skin without harming your skin.
There are some essential oils in the soap, but what I consider important is the natural smell of the skin that carries valuable information about your health.You detox trough skin and that process is there for a good reason. Sometimes it smells sometimes it doesn’t but that’s never bad ( as we were taught ) it’s just a good indicator of what steps you should take in your personal health care or changes your body is going trough ( another natural process ). So, yes ,Moon Soaps do have a smell to them self, with a tender , soft , non aggressive note.The accent all along was about the alchemy of ingredients that shouldn’t be overpowered by the perfume.
In the end : skip a day of shower , give your skin a break . Walk with your bear feet on the dirt/earth . Yes, sometimes dirty is good.

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