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Chaga, an ancient kid on the block.

From Siberia to China, Northern Europe to Canada. Chaga is an adaptogenic mushroom growing mostly on Birch trees and is rich in a wide variety of minerals and vitamins whose properties slow down ageing, lower cholesterol, supporting the immune system and fighting inflammation.

It's good coffee replacements, and it's been used in this role for centuries.

All that you need for this elixir is

1 Cup of water

1tsp Chaga

1tbsp of sesame butter or Almond butter as a dairy milk replacement( or any non-dairy option of your choice )

pinch of cinnamon or cardamom

1tsp honey

1tsp of coconut oil or ghee

pinch of stimulating nutmeg

Bring water to boil. Mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer or blender.

Don't mix for too long as it will get colder. Drink it while it is warm, not hot (!). As it gets colder, the ingredients start separating and dropping on the bottom of the cup. My solution for it is a bit of good fat as coconut oil or ghee.

I use Tahini or Almond butter or any seed and nut butter as the milk replacement.

It's a ticker, more precious for all the components you lose by straining almond meal, shredded coconut or whatever else milk replacement you use.

I've been using Chaga for some time now, and it works for me.

Chaga does have side effects that I do not respond to. I use it intentionally when needed instead of coffee, enough to feel the benefits and avoid developing resistance, which is always a possibility.

That being said, do your research and tests before diving in the adaptogenic forest of options. Adaptogens are gaining in popularity, but they have been around for centuries so if you don't use them because you are " against trends" it's pointless being a hater, if you use them because you got sucked in this "new" craze I ask you to research before you do any drastic change as knowledge is power. Power to take care of yourself.

Note / Disclaimer

Pace yourself, anything good can turn against you when overused.

Even though this somewhat magical tonic will open new senses for you, drink it with intention and knowing your limits.

Do your research.

Properly vet the info and consult with your doc. Do a proper Western medicine exam like urine, bloodwork etc . to know better what your body could benefit from and what to avoid.