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Tinctures are liquid extracts made from herbs that are consumed orally (by mouth),usually extracted in alcohol , but they can also be extracted in vegetable glycerine or apple cider vinegar (non-alcohol). Easy and convenient to use for different set of needs. Sublingual : directly with the dropper in mouth (under tongue) or ingestion trough drops in water ( I suggest bubbly type high in minerals).
Here we have a Ashwagandha + Maca + Star anise + Juniper berries in ACV , a test mix I’ve been enjoying midday trough working day ( everyday of the week ). And it’s a joy mix !
All medicinal herbs that have the power to do good have the potential to do harm. The old maxim 'the poison is in the dose' precisely describes how too much of anything can be bad for us.Go easy and intentional.

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