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This warm tonic is like a wake-up call for some and kick of thrill during midday sluggishness for others.

Armed with Guaracao antioxidants gang: Guarana can reduce fatigue and improve focus, provide pain relief, improve skin appearance, while full-blown-no-sugar Cacao beside antioxidant properties is the highest plant-based source of iron, has more calcium than cow's milk, natural mood elevator and antidepressant and is full of magnesium that's good for healthy brain and heart.

What I do is mix these two components (in powder ) in one container, equal amounts - 50/50, so it's always ready when I want it.

1 cup of water

1tbsp of sesame butter ( tahini)

1tsp of 'Guaracao'

pinch of cinnamon and/or cardamom

1tsp honey

1tsp coconut oil or ghee

Optional - 1 shot of espresso, for those who like to risk and can take it. My personal favourite.

Bring water to boil. Pour it in a blender or whatever you can use to mix the combo. Add tahini - don't add the tahini in the pan while it is on the stove and boiling, it will burn the tahini, and it won't be yummy anymore. I love using tahini as a replacement for dairy milk when served with honey. It's like you are in halva heaven. Add the rest of the ingredients and blend it. Not too much, you don't want it to cool down. Pour it in the cup, sprinkle a bit of nutmeg ( add that shot of espresso ? ) and enjoy sipping on this tonic, getting ready for the day.

Note / Disclaimer

Pace yourself, anything good can turn against you when overused.

Even though this somewhat magical tonic will open new senses for you, drink it with intention and knowing your limits.

Do your research.

Properly vet the info and consult with your doc. Do a proper Western medicine exam like urine, bloodwork etc . to know better what your body could benefit from and what to avoid.