Ways to use our Botanical Oils

Do you ever feel being prone to the nostalgia of the days of simplicity that reflects on beauty rituals where there is no 10 step process for cleansing consisting of 20 tools that are unattainable for most? That is why we put our attention on bioactive botanical multitasking oils. As much as ingredients matter, how you use the oil and where you do matters equally.

Here are a few ways you can use our botanical oils as "tools". 

Palm inhaling 

We paired our botanical oils with carefully selected essential oils. These potent extracts have numerous benefits. They are your go-to for stress-relief, insomnia, chronic and acute pain relief, muscular and joint aches, soothing anxiety and depression, reducing inflammation, boosting immunity, easing frayed nerves and enhancing a state of wellbeing.

Yes, essential oils can be used directly on the skin and we do not suggest that! Diluting them in a carrier oil in calculated ratios is the safest way.

Now back to the technique of palm inhaling :

Direct Palm Inhalation is used for emotional distress relief, for uplifting the mood, in relaxation exercises and breathing exercises.


Wash your hands and dry them out. Start by warming up the palms of your hand by rubbing them together. Add 2-3 drops to your palms of any of our oils. Start rubbing them together, again. When they are warm enough, cup your face with your palms and inhale deeply.

This is an excellent method of use for quick and easy exposure to the anti-microbial, soothing and therapeutic effects of the oils.


Face Massage

We are talking about a simple contact, skin-on-skin, between your fingertips and palms of your hands sliding across your face from the centre to the outwards. Moving across your jawline to release tension and move lymph with the tip of your thumb (on the bottom line of the jaw) and sides of the index finger (on the top of the jawline ) put together in a pinch position. Start from the middle of the chin and glide towards the end of the jawline up over the ears. Moving always from the centre outwards.

Except when focusing on the neck, which is important, draw downward, gently from the tip of your jaw to the collarbone where the lymph 'dump' (lymph drainage) is located, when at the collar bone slightly move left and right helping the lymph to move towards the 'dump'.

Fingers are enough for this massage and honestly touching your face never made more sense, get in touch with it. But you can also use any of the traditional stones/tools as long as you use oil that prevents unnecessary pulling of the skin and helps tools glide over your face muscles. 

Of course, prior to the ritual, wash the hands and any possible tools you might be using. Also, you can spray a hydrosol before and after. There is no need to wash your face afterwards.

For any additional face massage tips, we suggest checking out the maestro of the trade, Sophie Carbonari