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Coal Spine, a brand created by Mara Chevalier, is operating in small, sustainable and respectful numbers. With that in mind, our products are made with the utmost attention, patience and playfulness that we infuse into everything we do and create. 

Note on cosmetics: 

We make our creations with the attention that each plant used is carrying the values necessary for the support of skin's natural processes. Each blend of botanicals in our products was created with their active components in mind and their effect once when paired. 

All products are being made in small batches following a slow process of, sometimes, 8 weeks minimum.  COAL SPINE is not outsourcing production; everything is made by hand in the house. 

All ingredients are sourced responsibly and are of the highest quality. Botanicals are sourced from certified organic farming in Europe and abroad, when necessary, as are our oils and clays. Chemical compounds used in our soap production are provided by the properly certified chemical laboratory that handles ingredients of this profile. 

Our Botanical Oils and Soaps contain Essential Oils, and as a European brand, we have to follow EU standards and regulations regarding topical concentration. That means super-low content and diluted.